Low blood pressure is not always a sign of a problem. But if you have symptoms of low blood pressure, then your doctor can diagnose the condition and uncover the cause. Symptoms may include: lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting, unusual thirst, or fatigue. Symptoms of dizziness and lightheadedness when you stand up from sitting or lying down with a decrease in your blood pressure may indicate a condition called postural hypotension. It’s important to identify the cause of low blood pressure so appropriate treatment can be given.

We have made Stepnid tablet- a unique combination of Hartal shuddha & Nirvishi to revive and restorative remedy for hypotension. It is a most potent drug and is effective against a wide range of infections. It acts immediately after administration and tones-up the whole nervous system, improves the pulse rate and checks the blood pressure within the therapeutic dosage.

Each silver coated tablet contains:-

Hartal shuddha 50mg
Nirvishi 40mg
Excipients q.s.

Pneumonia, Bronchopneumonia, Low Blood Pressure, Heart depression, Cholera & Facial Paralysis
One to two tablets thrice a day with water after meal or as directed by the physician.
No adverse/ toxic effects have ever been observed in short term usage of Stepnid tablet in recommended dosage.

Keep the medicine away from direct sunlight, moisture and reach of children.

Depending on the cause of your symptoms, your doctor may counsel you to increase your blood pressure by making these simple changes:
• Eat a diet higher in salt.
• Drink lots of nonalcoholic fluids
• Limit alcoholic beverages.
• Drink more fluids during hot weather and while sick with a viral illness, such as a cold or the flu.
• Get regular exercise to promote blood flow.
• Be careful when rising from lying down or sitting. To help improve circulation, pump your feet and ankles a few times before standing up. Then proceed slowly. When getting out of bed, sit upright on the edge of the bed for a few minutes before standing.
• Elevate the head of your bed at night by placing bricks or blocks under the head of bed.
• Avoid heavy lifting.
• Avoid straining while on the toilet.
• Avoid prolonged exposure to hot water, such as hot showers and spas. If you get dizzy, sit down. It may be helpful to keep a chair or stool in the shower in case you need to sit; to help prevent injury, use a nonslip chair or stool designed for use in showers and bath tubs.
• To avoid problems with low blood pressure and lessen episodes of dizziness after meals, try eating smaller, more frequent meals. Cut back on carbohydrates. Rest after eating.
• If needed, use elastic support (compression) stockings that cover the calf and thigh. These may help restrict blood flow to the legs, thus keeping more blood in the upper body.

Jar of 20 x 100 tablets.
A HDPE container of 100 tablets.