Anxiety to move the bowel daily is common. There is a perception that since we eat every day, we should also move the bowel every day. Otherwise there is discomfort in the stomach, nausea, headache, acidity, ulcers, flatulence, and pain in stomach and in chest also.
Laxatives cause the bowel to squeeze or contract to move the stools out. Laxatives add bulk and water to your stools. The larger stools help trigger the bowel to contract and move the stools out. Mucus, sludge, toxins and decaying matter can build up in your intestines causing you to suffer. You may feel sluggish, bloated or have bad breath. It keeps your system flowing properly with safe& natural laxative.

Each 10ml contains:-

Bael giri ext. (Aegle marmelos)) 330mg
Senna leaves ext. (Cassia angustifolia)) 300mg
Amaltas ext. (Cassia fistula)) 200mg
Triphala) 200mg
Revand chini ext. (Rheum emodi)) 100mg
Saunf ext. (Foeniculum vulgare)) 100mg
Mulethi ext. (Glycyrrhiza glabra)) 100mg
Bharingraj ext. (Eclipta alba)) 100mg

Each capsule contains:-

Jethimadh ext. (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 70mg
Saunf ext. (Foeniculum vulgare)) 50mg
Ajowan ext. (Ptychotis ajowan)) 50mg
Revand chini (Rheum emodi)) 50mg
Nishotar ext. (Operculina turpethum)) 30mg
Sonth ext. (Zingiber officinale)) 30mg
Indrayan mool ext. (Citrullus colocynthis)) 10mg
Sh. Jaipal ext. (Croton tiglium)) 10mg

Each coated tablet contains:-

Senna leaves ext. (Cassia angustifolia)) 70mg
Revand chini (Rheum emodi)) 50mg
Mulethi ext. (Glycyrrhiza glabra)) 30mg
Ajowan ext. (Ptychotis ajowan)) 30mg
Saunf ext. (Foeniculum vulgare)) 20mg
Nishotar ext. (Operculina turpethum)) 20mg
Indrayan mool ext. (Citrullus colocynthis)) 10mg
Sonth ext. (Zingiber officinale)) 10mg
Sh. Jaipal ext. (Croton tiglium)) 10mg

Each gm contains:-

Sonth (Zingiber officinale) ) 20mg
Nishotar (Operculina turpethum) ) 20mg
Ajowan (Ptychotis ajowan) 50mg
Revand chini ( Rheum emodi) 50mg
Saunf (Foeniculum vulgare) 50mg
Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 100mg
Triphala) 110mg

Senna leaves (Cassia angustifolia)) 300mg

Kala namak) 300mg


Useful in chronic constipation, headache, hyperacidity etc. can be taken without harm.
It is a mild purgative.
It relieves pain due to constipation.
It relieves flatulence.
It relieves acidity.

Syrup: 10 to 20ml syrup at bed time or as directed by the physician.
Capsule: One capsule at bed time or as directed by the physician.
Tablet: One tablet at bed time or as directed by the physician.
Powder: One teaspoonful at bed time or as directed by the physician.

No adverse/ toxic effects have ever been observed in usage of Nidlax in recommended dosage. Do not take regularly for more than 7 days, discontinue for 2 to 3 days.

Stop taking laxatives and call your doctor if you have any bleeding from your rectum (the last part of the large intestine) or if you don’t have a bowel movement after using a laxative. These could be signs of a more serious problem.

1. Fluids, fiber and exercise work together to promote well formed stools and regularity. Any long term or short term deficit among these can result in constipation and poor bowel function.
2. The outcome of gastrointestinal processing is unique to each individual. For example, some individuals may have difficulty with nutritional uptake, some individuals may have food allergies, and some individuals may produce firmer stools than others.
3. The human body is highly efficient, but it is not a machine. The organs of the G.I. tract are highly sensitive to external influences such as medications, stress, health, diet, and exercise. These factors can interrupt the normal rhythms of the G.I. tract and lead to irregularity or constipation.
Keep the medicine away from direct sunlight, moisture and reach of children.

Syrup: Pet bottle of 60ml.
Capsules: A Jar of 10×100 capsules & Blister pack of 10 x 10 capsules.
Tablets: A Jar of 20×100 tablets & Blister pack of 50 x 10 tablets.
Powder: A container of 100 gm.