The nervous system is a complex, highly specialized network. It organizes, explains, and directs interactions between you and the world around you.
The nervous system controls:
Sight, hearing, taste, smell, and feeling (sensation). Voluntary and involuntary functions, such as movement, balance, and coordination. The nervous system also regulates the actions of most other body systems, such as blood flow and blood pressure. The ability to think and reason. The nervous system allows you to be conscious and have thoughts, memories, and language.
Brain and nervous system problems are common. These neurological disorders include multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and stroke. Many can affect one’s memory and ability to perform daily activities. In considering all these problems we make Nervitone in syrup, capsule and in tablet form. It is natural and has no side effects.

Each 10ml syrup contains:-

Brahmi ext. (Bacopa monnieri) 200mg
Aswagandha ext. (Withania somnifera) 200mg
Gotu kola ext. (Centella asiatica) 150mg
Tagar ext. (Valeriana wallichii) 100mg
Shilajit ext. (Asphaltum punjabinum) 100mg
Amla ext. (Emblica officinalis) 100mg
Chamomile ext. (Matricaria chamomilla) 100mg
Jatamansi ext. (Nardostachys jatamansi) 50mg
Vach ext. (Acorus calamus) 50mg


Each capsule contains:-

Mahavat vidhwansan ras 70mg
Sameerpannag ras 70mg
Ekangveer ras 70mg
Shootshekhar ras 70mg
Khurasani ajowan ext. (Hyoscyamus niger) 70mg
Lajari ext. (Mimosa pudica) 70mg
Ashwagandha ext. (Withania somnifera) 80mg

Each coated tablet contains:-

Mahavat vidhwansan ras 30mg
Sameerpannag ras 30mg
Ekangveer ras 30mg
Shootshekhar ras 30mg
Khurasani ajowan ext. (Hyoscyamus niger) 50mg
Tagar ext. (Valeriana wallichii) 50mg
Ashwagandha ext. (Withania somnifera) 60mg
Jatamansi ext. (Nardostachys jatamansi) 60mg
Brahmi ext. (Bacopa monnieri) 60mg

Relax and tone up the entire nervous system, mental stress, depression, tension and anxiety. It is a nervine tonic, calming stress. Feelings of panic, fear, and uneasiness, Uncontrollable obsessive thoughts, Repeated thoughts or flashbacks of traumatic experiences, Nightmares, An inability to be still and calm, Dry mouth, Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, Nausea, Muscle tension and Dizziness

Syrup: Adult: 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls twice a day & Child: 1 teaspoonful twice a day or as directed by the physician.
Capsule: One capsule twice a day after meal or as directed by the physician.
Tablet: One tablet twice a day after meal or as directed by the physician.

No adverse/ toxic effects have ever been observed within the prescribed dose of Nervitone.

Keep the medicine away from direct sunlight, moisture and reach of children.

Syrup: 220 ml syrup in pet bottle.
Capsule: A Jar of 10×100 capsules & blister pack of 10x10capsules.
Tablets: A Jar of 20×100 tablets & blister pack of 50x10tablets.