“Irregularities in diet, consumption of fast food and stressful life style coupled with mental tension results in digestive problems like gases, anorexia, dyspepsia, constipation etc. If functioning of the digestive system gets disturbed, accumulation of toxins (Aam-Tatva) occurs in the body. Due to which health of person gets affected. To overcome the above said problems after extensive research North India Pharma has prepared “GASTRIX tablet”.
Gastrix is a mixture of valuable ‘Tikta-Rasatmak’ herbs, hence GASTRIX is an excellent tonic for digestive system.

Each tablet contains extracts of:-

Ajowain ext. 50mg
Harde ext. 40mg
Pudina ext. 40mg
Kala namak 40mg
Nosadar 40mg
Sonth ext. 30mg
Hing 10mg

Symptoms related to Irritable bowel symptom:- Pain abdomen, dyspepsia, painless morning diarrhoea, abdominal distension & excessive flatus.
Symptoms related to Peptic Ulcer Symptom:- Epigastric pain, hunger pain, night pain, water brash, heartburn, loss of appetite, sense of repletion after meals.

Gastrix is a non-habit forming Digestive tonic and appetizer. Gastrix tones up alimentary canal, improve appetite, regulate digestion, normalize liver function, regulate stool-forming process and thus relieve symptoms commonly associated with disturbances of Gastro-intestinal tract.

One to two tablets thrice a day with water after meal or as directed by the physician.

No adverse/ toxic effects have ever been observed in short/ long term usage of Gastrix tablet in recommended dosage.


Keep the medicine away from direct sunlight, moisture and reach of children.


A Jar of 20 x 100 tablets.