Find A Trusted Brand In Ayurvedic Medicines And products manufacturing!

North India Life Sciences is ranked no.1 among various ayurvedic medicines manufacturers in India because of its quality and infrastructure. We are certified ayurvedic manufacturers in Karnal, Haryana and supply our products throughout India with the help of our extensive network of distributors. We have a team of professionals, who are specialized in manufacturing, customer services, handling sales, IT, and graphic designing. We are providing top-notch herbal medicines to consumers for their wellness, and our products are also available at affordable rates. As the reputed ayurvedic products manufacturers we always take care of quality and ingredients while manufacturing products and medicines and continually work towards fulfilling the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

We have an extensive range of ayurvedic medicines including capsules, tablets, syrups, and granules. We are also specialized ayurvedic medicines manufacturers in the production of herbal remedies for Alzheimer disease, anxiety, asthma, cancer, dementia, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and also manufacture gripe water for children. We are even producing ayurvedic oil for healing joint pains and muscular pains and also have herbal medicines for immunity boosting. Our products range also includes hair shampoo and herbal body washes which is chemical free and useful for people who are suffering from hair fall.

Being one of the leading ayurvedic medicines manufacturers in India, we are committed to providing products to consumers who are not meet the requirements but also improve health quality and efficiency. The government officials certify us for high-quality assurance, and our manufacturing plant is fully equipped with latest machinery and equipment to fasten and smooths the process of products manufacturing. North India Life Sciences have advanced mechanism for capsule filling, products packing machines, aluminum strip packing machines, and many other mechanical types of equipment to meet the particular requirements of our customers. We have a large stock of raw material, and our production team is expert in manufacturing medicines in short span.

We have a clinical lab for testing the quality of finished goods and have a team of expert lab technicians to check the medicines. We always conduct a series of scientific verification of our manufactured items to ensure the quality of products. Out lab technicians use advanced technology to check the correct quantity of herbs and also ensure efficiency and quality of the herbal medicines. We always follow the rules and regulations implemented by the medical officials and use requires standards to accomplish quality for delivering good health to our valuable customers.

We have an extensive network of distributors and suppliers who are providing our ayurvedic herbal products to the massive amount of consumers. There is a significant demand for our Ayurvedic products in the consumer market, and we are capable of completing that demand in an efficient manner. We are also offering franchise to individuals or companies that want to earn the significant income by supplying our herbal products. You can also become an essential part of one of the leading ayurvedic products manufacturing company by taking our franchise and get the opportunity to earn good income and profits by serving people for good health and well-being.